Social Networking Agenda| Reading Social Networks

Questions about People/Roles
1. Who are the nodes in the network that you are reading/analyzing? Where do you see boundaries of membership in this network? How do you know they exist? (Self-identified or apparent to readers?)
  • those who submit photos, those who view as a member, those who view as non-members, groups within the members

2. How are they connected? From what perspective are you reading the network – how are you seeing the connections? How might another reader see those connections? The same? Differently? How do you know?

  • tags, groups, common interests (search), various perspectives - members and lurkers, teachers (how could we use this with students?), different purposes - archiving personal and professional images, "thievery" - finding pictures you need for certain presentations, posters, projects, etc.

3. Who are the "leaders" in the network? How do they lead? How do you know? What other networks are the leaders connected to?

  • Group facilitators, quality of content, frequency (?) or content, choosing whether or not to "promote" your work by sharing it with others and/or commenting on others' work.

4. How do you view your role within the network? Leader? Follower? Participant? Antagonist? Lurker? Observer? Other? How are you able to participate in the network?

  • Some of us are participants some of us are just observers

5. How do you know who "belongs" to this particular network?

  • those who are members - though you don't have to upload photos either on your own stream or into the groups you might belong to.

6. If you're an active participant in the network, how has your participation influenced you? How has your participation influenced the network? How do you know? What actions or behaviors will you engage in due to your participation in this network?
  • As an "active" "contributing" member my participation has influenced me by making me aware of which images get the most response, how I organize, tag, and name my images. I put a lot of content into the network, but I don't often comment on others images, nor do I get many comments that are strictly through Flickr. This seems like a place to store my images, and to link to them from my blog. Most of my images are tied to stories that are written on my blog.
  • I don't feel like my participation has influenced the network at all, I don't know how I know this.
  • I engage in looking at others images, but these are usually connections I've made through reading blogs, and not strictly through Flickr.

7. How would you describe the relationships between "members" of this network? Professional? Personal? Collegial? Something in between? How do "members" relate to new or non "members?" How are those relationships expressed?
  • Both professional and personal depending on what each member prefers
  • Conversations revolve around pictures
  • People can make comments and put tags on photos of their own and others

Questions about Content/Communication
8. What is the social significance of this network? Does it have an agenda?
  • Promoting artistic photography/artists
  • A common pathway for sharing photos (with friends, family members, etc.)

9. What are the boundaries of this particular network/site? How do you know?

  • Keep it appropriate for others-stated in community guidelines
  • Intended simply for personal use
  • Runners of site will remove inappropriate content; this content may have been flagged by others to alert the site leaders
  • Site leaders can terminate the account if a user continues to publish inappropriate photos/videos after warnings

10. Who owns the content of the site? How do you know?
  • Each contributor owns the work s/he posts to the site, and can change the permissions on a photo-by-photo basis.

11. What communication channels exist in this network/site? Which ones seem the most used? Least used? Why?
  • comments on pictures, some of the language may exclude ppl or groups through the use of jargon.
  • contacts - more like a subscription than a "friendship"

Questions about Rules/Expectations
12. What practices or beliefs are communicated through the network? Are these explicit? Implicit? What methods of communication are privileged in the network? Under or unvalued? How do you know?
  • Value in images
  • Still images seemed to be more prevalent on this site; still images valued over video

13. What is the stated purpose of this network? Does the network activity reflect this stated purpose - or a different one? How do you know?
  • Goals: To help make content available to the people who matter to them and to have a new way to organize their photos
  • The network does reflect this however these photos also go out to those who might not really matter to the publisher. The sharing has expanded beyond friends and family
  • Some get on just simply to store photos and not to communicate with anyone else
  • Many do actually interact with others
14. What social norms exist to moderate behavior in this network? Rules? Structures of power? How do members learn of them?
  • There are stated community guidelines written in friendly terms
  • Once one comments on another's photos they are more likely to get comments on their own pictures