Through the activities of this workshop, we began looking at the underlying theories at work within social networks - both those that occur in face-to-face interactions as well as those that take place on websites. As a result, an idea unfolded to tap into students' prior knowledge about social networking sites such as facebook. Therefore, I've decided to create a classroom social network called "raiderbook" which will operate totally offline. I've downloaded icons that I'll use to help students orient themselves around the classroom, become familiar with procedures, and to create a record of our learning through end-of-the-class collective status updates. I hope the students will be interested enough to participate and that there will be small ways to take it from a strictly "professional" (meaning classroom agenda, routine, organizational, etc.) to "personal" (a way to build our social network by connecting about the good, bad and other things that happen in our lives).

Also, my hope is that by doing this without technology, my students will be more interested in joining me in conversations about the reasons behind their actions within our classroom network and then by extension other networks (grade level, school, community, online, etc.). It seems to me that my students aren't given these opportunities often enough, so I'm sure it will be a bit uncomfortable and foreign, and I anticipate some hesitation or roadblocks.

Much of this is tied to the physical space of my classroom and how it functions as a network. The slight bit of technology I will be using is tied to the use of a projector and wireless keyboard which will be used to collaboratively compose our end-of-class status updates.

I hope for students to employ reflective practices about themselves as individuals, learners, "nodes" within a network, etc.

Standards (optional):