Social Networking Agenda| Reading Social Networks

Questions about People/Roles
1. Who are the nodes in the network that you are reading/analyzing? Where do you see boundaries of membership in this network? How do you know they exist? (Self-identified or apparent to readers?)
Art fans/artists consumerist options variety of artists expand the traditional definition of art
Possibly draws in those that feel alienated. Thus the word “deviant as in deviating from the norm.
We imagine the quality of art restricts your desire to post – especially because there is a section where you critique the artwork.
Membership is free but I expect that in order to critique you should be putting your work out there as well. This helps you gain ethos.
Advertisers and retail groups
Interestingly literature, both prose and poetry is part of deviant art which flies in our initial conceptions of what connotated art

2. How are they connected? From what perspective are you reading the network – how are you seeing the connections? How might another reader see those connections? The same? Differently? How do you know?
We are reading the site as researchers or ethnographers – trying to keep an objective distance from the viewed.
Other readers may be interested in what others are doing in the art world. Looking for recent evolutions in the art world. As an educator you could be looking at this site to dicuss
  • Marketing – some people are selling their work, selling their technological ability to create
  • Journaling in the art world
  • Defining art

3. Who are the "leaders" in the network? H\ow do they lead? How do you know? What other networks are the leaders connected to?
The leaders have placed themselves into specific categories
They are also linked to popular journals
Leaders =
  • Deviants
  • Animators
  • Iconist
  • Developers
  • Artists
  • Skinners
They are connected to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, reddit, blogs and have provided threads for multiple discussions of interest

4. How do you view your role within the network? Leader? Follower? Participant? Antagonist? Lurker? Observer? Other? How are you able to participate in the network?
Observer (trying to be objective) Antagonist?
Archival searches

5. How do you know who "belongs" to this particular network?
User names and you could look at their profile
There are featured artists and bestselling users

6. If you're an active participant in the network, how has your participation influenced you? How has your participation influenced the network? How do you know? What actions or behaviors will you engage in due to your participation in this network?
Not an active participant

7. How would you describe the relationships between "members" of this network? Professional? Personal? Collegial? Something in between? How do "members" relate to new or non "members?" How are those relationships expressed?
Collegial/professional/buyer-seller mirrors traditional art gallery purchasing
There is a welcome board and a site map
Comments and rating comments are also options

Questions about Content/Communication
8. What is the social significance of this network? Does it have an agenda?
Connect with people with similar interests.
A place for people that label themselves or wish to be seen as non-traditional artists to post and facilitate commerce for their work. We believe the initial intent was for like minded artists to share their art, but it has evolved to a market based dominance.
Yes the agenda is to display with the intent to sell

9. What are the boundaries of this particular network/site? How do you know?
A mature content filter is continuously on unless you decide to change that.

10. Who owns the content of the site? How do you know?
The “core team” of Deviantart. There is an “about us” section which breaks down their ownership and job on the site. Even their pay scale. They have stipulations of what is acceptable posting size, etc. – so not all work is posted.
11. What communication channels exist in this network/site? Which ones seem the most used? Least used? Why?
Rating board
Comment section
Ask the owners
Between buyer and seller
You can link to all of their gallery sites

Questions about Rules/Expectations
12. What practices or beliefs are communicated through the network? Are these explicit? Implicit? What methods of communication are privileged in the network? Under or unvalued? How do you know?
Appreciation for art in its many definitions. Both implicit and explicit.
Visual and technological communication are privileged in this network.
Aural content is undervalued for the sightless community. Non-English speakers would not be able to navigate this site as easily.
The textual communication is more limited in this site as visual communication dominates.

13. What is the stated purpose of this network? Does the network activity reflect this stated purpose - or a different one? How do you know?
“Deviant Art is serving the art and skin community”.
They are serving the art and skin community through their ability to display art, but are also provoking the entrepreneurial aspects of commerce.

14. What social norms exist to moderate behavior in this network? Rules? Structures of power? How do members learn of them?
Filter for mature content
Rating filter
The more you write/post/help others or /money you earn the more power you have

*** because we are not members of this ethnographic group some of the iconography is foreign/illiterate to us