Listed below our the resources we created out of the conversations, reading, and thinking we've done throughout the WIDE PATHS 09 conference. Please let us know what you think on this page's discussion tab.
FBA LA Discussion Board Interactions by Deborah Meister

An Interactive Online ELA Intensive Moodle: by Kristal Jaaskelainen

Using Social Networks to Introduce Special Education to Technology Tools by Kara Graci

Analyzing the Rhetorical Structures of Social Networks at the University by Rebecca Rivard

Making My Prezi Felt! by Peter Shaheen

Using Epals in the Elementary Classroom by Ashley Patton

Ning it up! Utilizing Nings in the Classroom by Jackie Shurmack

Facebook in Middle School? by Amanda Cornwell

Using VoiceThread for Social Networking by Renee Webster and Chris Working

Using Chat in the Classroom (Work in Progress)

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